Mudpie is so pleased to welcome potters Matthew and Hiromi Sovjani from Mashiko, Japan. They were recently displaced by the earthquake and will be staying in the Pioneer Valley for the next few months. In 1995 after studying ceramics at Columbus School of Art & Design, Matthew went to Japan to apprentice at two different studios. He has remained in Japan for the past 15 years were he and his wife Hiromi built a house and studio. Their work has been featured in many pottery festivals and galleries across Japan including the well known Tochigi Festival.

Matthew’s recent work was wood fired with ash glazes which work beautifully with his carved surfaces. Hiromi’s work uses slips and soft color to embellish the surfaces. It is our hope that Mudpie will provide a much needed refuge for these potters so that they can work again. A benefit show will be held soon featuring their work. Watch our website for details on the upcoming show.