Mudpie Potters Presents (past events)


Clay Extravaganza

Leverett Crafts and Arts, 13 Montague Road, Leverett, MA

Past Mudfests have included the following: (Stay tuned for futu

  • Pottery Sale
  • Throwing on the Wheel Demonstrations
  • Raku Demonstration
  • Play with clay for all ages
  • Kiln opening
  • Local Potters Tour: Visit the Studios of Joy Friedman, Tomas Black, David Henion and Steve Saxenian
  • Refreshments
  • Free Admission

Download the Pottery Tour Map


David Henion

The joy of creation is a part of the human experience. It has been said that the sky is the limit. The ability to imagine pushes you on. Ceramics give one the chance to turn mud into stone. Work made goes out into the world beyond our control. It can last long past our mortal days, or be broken in an instant. It is human in that a part of its’ beauty lies in it’s fragility.

In the twenty years or so of making ceramic art I have always looked to the Chinese for my inspiration. Civilization arose in different places, and periods in the last three thousand years. A ceramic tradition is always a part of the package. My work pays homage to the work of the Chinese people.  I work with porcelain and find joy in its’ ability to place form and color on display.

Joy Friedman

Joy Friedman has been creating decorative and functional pottery for everyday use, for 25 years. Her forms are  elegant with striking, colorful multi-layered glazes representing landscapes. Joy’s unique, one-of-a-kind Lace Bowls are meditative for her to make. She has a full line of dinnerware, lace bowls, dip and chip platters, lamps, pitchers, mugs, vases, ikebana, berry bowls, and more. All of Joy’s pots are decorated with food safe glazes.

Joy teaches on-going pottery classes in her studio at the Leverett Crafts and Arts, where she gets to share her contagious love of pottery.  She teaches both wheel-throwing and hand-building.

“I feel lucky and blessed to be able to do the work I love.  Creating pots that are used daily by people is very fulfilling and satisfying for me.”  Joy Friedman

Steve Saxenian

Stephen Saxenian is a potter, sculptor and educator living and working in Leverett.  He throws large, elegant, quiet porcelain and stoneware vessels, many of which are rooted in traditional Asian forms.  He is also a figure and portrait sculptor, working in clay, plaster and bronze.  A portrait bust of his father recently won second place at the 4th Biennual show of the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists. His work is on display at the Salmon Falls Artisan Showroom,  Silver Scape Designs and

Tomas Black

The New Green Gates Pottery was created by Tomas Black in 2011 on his family property in the beautiful hill of Leverett Massachusetts. Tomas has been working with ceramics for over 13 years, mastering his craft through practice, apprenticeships and concluding with a BFA in ceramics from Alfred University in 2009. Tomas goal is simple; bring fine crafted ceramics back into popularity with 21st century guarantees on applications, durability, replacement/ return policies. With heavy attention to detail in every fine crafted form, color and image. His work truly stands on its own in any setting. Tomas harkens his business on the standard of the original Green Gates Pottery in Staffordshire England, where wares were made for the royalty of Europe.

Stay tuned for future community events