Join our shared clay studio!

People of all levels and abilities can join. Beginners and families are welcome.

We love working with clay, and are excited to be able to offer the opportunity for people to work with this wonderful medium. It’s what Mudpie is all about! If you are interested in joining, please contact the director to arrange a time to see the studio.


As a studio member, you will have private shelf space and access to the studio 24/7. Your monthly membership fees are $50-105, depending on the size of shelf you choose. Partial work exchanges may be available. In January, we each contribute an annual maintenance fee of $35. We also participate in 2 work days/member meetings per year.

Clay, glazes, and firing

Members can use the studio glazes. We have low fire (cone 04-06), high fire/stoneware (cone 6 and 9/10), and raku glazes available free to members. Members purchase their own clay, usually from Amherst Potters Supply in Hadley. We have occasional group firings which are setup on the bulletin board. Firing fees are calculated based on kiln space used.


Peer-to-peer education is part of our non-profit mission.  We encourage members to share their pottery skills and knowledge of the studio with the mudpie community.  Instruction is available in all areas and at all levels through classes, workshops, and affordable individual lessons. Members can choose to learn how to mix their own glazes or fire the kilns. Safety certification classes in these areas are offered at a reasonable cost ($10-30).


Enjoy Mudpie’s professionally equipped studio:

  • 10 potters wheels (electric, kick, treadle)
  • Downdraft Baily’s gas kiln, 20 cu. ft.
  • Downdraft Olympic gas kiln, 15 cu. ft.
  • Electric kiln
  • Raku kiln with excellent raku facilities
  • Primitive firing area
  • Slab roller, extruder, and hand-building areas
  • Fully stocked glaze pantry
  • Dedicated glazing room
  • Wedging tables, clay reclaim area